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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

An overview of the importance of moon phases across cultures, and new moon ritual culture in Western and Igbo societies. We've also curated an Igbo ritual experience for you.

New Moon in Sagittarius

Welcome to the last new moon of the western calendar year. A wonderful opportunity to Sow new seeds, see them to fruition, and harvest the next full moon. Solar eclipse Eclipses are incredibly significant and powerful.

About New Moons

The new moon is one of the most important phases of the moon for people across cultures. One of the least brightest moons, as it is the first phase, and marks a time for initiation, planting intentions and new beginnings. The moon remains one of the key elements used in calculating and tracking time.

New Moon Manifestations

While many call on different elements, ancestors and God energies to witness and help grant the requests they plant into the Universe. Others use this opportunity to call on themselves (to be fully present within) and their Spirit Guides/ Personal God. For women especially, depending on their cycle (red or white witch cycle) they are able to plant intentions and create rituals that fall in line with their menstruation cycle. The most basic ritual will involve a physical cleanse with salt water and an inner meditation or prayer said to plant your intentions for the month.

Igbo Nation : New Moon Manifestation Rituals In Igbo land

New moons are celebrated through festivals, masquerades, etc, they are a time of spiritual preparation for the physical work needed to bring abundance in any area of life. Some Dibia Afas (Doctors of Divination) advice to look within as you should know or master your highest energy more than any other energy. Hence summoning your Chi (Personal God/Guide) and speaking on your intentions for the month is a wonderful ritual practice.

We will be experiencing a Solar eclipse.

Eclipses are incredibly significant and powerful. While lunar eclipses represent a shadowing of your moon sign/emotional attributes by your outward physical attributes, solar eclipses are your emotions/lunar sign shadowing your outward physical and more intellectual attributes. Many spiritual practitioners stay clear of manifestation rituals during eclipses, because of the shadowing imbalance.

New moon in Sagittarius

Given that this new moon is in Sagi, let’s tip toe into astrology for more context on the significance of this moon. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is bold and constantly on a quest of knowledge and adventure. It is ruled by Jupiter, known for good luck, and interestingly, Jupiter will be coming into conjunction with Saturn (the dark wise mother). While people say you should not do manifestation magic or ritual during a solar eclipse (a shadowing of your sun, earthly/outward facing energy), many still delve into manifestation work.

Below is an example of a new moon ritual based on Igbo Odinani. Recommended by Ezenwanyi (Spiritual Priestess) Ogechi Opuruiche Amuma

Igbo | Önwa Öfürü Ritual ( Ödinani Style)

A time to connect with your spirit guides

Call on your guides with all that is in you

Speak to your Chi, and speak on everything you want to accomplish

  1. Have White Powder , Clay of Chalk

  2. 3 white candles in a breakable plate,

  3. Water in a clear glass cup,

  4. Ask that you want your cups (metaphorical) to flow in abundance, your peace, your luck, your life, your intellect. etc.

  5. Draw the chalk or powder on all four corners where you are sited (front, back and both sides)

  6. When the candle has burnt down, you can drink the clean glass of water.

  7. Take a salt water bath or salt water shower/bucket wash.


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